Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ay-Yo kids, Eat Yo Veggies!

Hello fellow foodies & potential stalkers!

The other day for breakfast I had something I like to call, cheezy broccoli tofu. Served with some spelt bread & "sausage". mmmm.... baby likes.
with a blueberry shake

On Monday night I created a savory veggie tart, if you will - or if you won't.
Teff crust veggie tart with a rich dill cream sauce

First I made a quick teff flour crust made of water, oil, salt and teff. I then pressed it into a pie pan. I layered seasoned cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, celery, and baby portabella mushrooms. I used a small amount of bread crumbs to bind it all together. I finished the top layer with more potatoes and bread crumbs with spices. I also drizzled a small amount of vegetable stock over it to help add flavor while it cooked.

The sauce is super easy. I first started with a roux, consisting of cooked down earth balance and flour. I then gradually added barley/brown rice/amaranth milk, dill, miso & garlic.

Lastly for dinner tonight I made a big ol' stir fry, with lots of ginger, cashews & lots of brown rice miso
topped with Detroit grown sunflower sprouts

and here's a picture I took today of my baby belly, 17 weeks in the making.


Vic Robinson said...

That stir fry looks so good. I must confess that I would still opt for the blueberry smoothie though! Love the color.

Amanda Rock said...

cute tummy and puppy!! :)

Jen Treehugger said...

Oh you're pregnant! How could I miss that!! Super HUGE congratulations!
I've never heard of teff flour before but that tart looks amazing.
Cute puppy indeed.

The Voracious Vegan said...

All the food looks amazing...but not quite as amazing as that sweet little puppy! What a face!

And what a beautiful belly!!! Congratulations!

Carissa said...

I had to "follow" you because your recipes look awesome!


Anonymous said...

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