Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hotter than a Poptart fresh out of the Toaster

Ahhhh...Sunday. A wonderful day to relax, spend time with love ones, enjoy a home cooked meal & relax some more. It was another cold day in the D, so I did my best to bundle up and stay as close to the dogs as possible. If I was not careful I may have never left the bed today!

So like I stated in yesterday's post I am no longer going to eat wheat and all that jazz, So of course I will continue to make things with wheat, but I just won't enjoy them the same way that he does :)

Today's feast was mini BBQ "chickn" pizza's with fresh corn

I got the soy nuggets from the local Pakistani/Indian store down the street. I re-hydrated them in water, then pan fried them.

Then I just added fresh corn, sweet onion slices and some fresh parsley (I wish I had cilantro instead, but beggars can't be choosers.)

Then for dinner I made this gluten-free concoction

herb roasted squash with baked herb crusted tempeh strips atop garlic basil tomato sauce

the tempeh was by far the star of the show. First I boiled it for 20 min. then I cut it in strips and coated it with olive oil, oregano, basil, garlic, nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt. Then I baked it 425 degrees for 30 mins. Ta-motherfunkin-Da.


Anonymous said...

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JenDiggity said...

Loving your blog. You make tempeh look appetizing (my experiments have failed). Hey, have you tried eating sprouted grains? People who are sensitive to wheat usually have issues because it's naturally not a very digestible substance. But sprouting breaks down the enzyme blockers that normally prevent grains from being digested properly. I get sprouted grain bread, English muffins, hamburger rolls, hot dog rolls, and tortillas from this company called Food for Life (out of Corona, California but I think they ship all over). Trader Joe's also sells several varieties of sprouted grain bread. I think it's great you're feeling better without grains, but if you're missing regular bread terribly (those gluten-free rice flour breads are AWFUL in my experience) maybe it's an option you can indulge in without making yourself sick. Take care and thanks again for all the great posts and food photos!

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