Sunday, December 14, 2008

Turkeys are for Loving

"Many people annually get as stuffed as their turkeys in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a quintessentially American holiday, so much so that it is not just a holiday, but really is (as the etymology implies) one of our Holy Days, almost universally celebrated by Americans. In its sacredness, families get together to (unintentionally?) celebrate one genocide (against Native Americans) by committing another (against turkeys).
On Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks. We give thanks for being the invader, the exploiter, the dominator, the greedy, the gluttonous, the colonizer, the thief,indeed the genocidaire, rather than on the other side of imperialism's zero-sum murderous game. As Mark Twain points out in his War Prayer, wishing and being thankful for one's own success and victory is, at the very same time, wishing and being thankful for another's defeat and destruction." - celebrating genecide by Dan Brooks

This will be my second vegan thanksgiving.

I've had 4 vegetarian thanksgivings but this one was the best. Not only because I got to spend it with the love of my life, but also because I made a bomb ass tofu turkey. It was a labor of lust but the end result was as I expected... the shiet. :)

here's a picture of the end result;

MMMMMmmmmmmm...looks like a science project, eh?

here's how I did it;

1. got 5 blocks of local firm press tofu
2. Put it in a blender.
3. Take the the pureed mixture and add freshly chopped rosemary and thyme. Add nutritional yeast, chicken seasoning, and chicken flavored veggie bouillon.
4. take a cheesecloth and cover a colander.
5. Fill with the tofu mixture.
6. place several heavy things on top of it to drain the liquid and put in the refrigerator over night.
7. Make the stuffing ( I used fresh Avalon organic bread and made my own croutons by baking them. I then added several seasonings and cut up celery, carrots, onion and shitake mushrooms. I made sure not to cook down the stuffing, thats what the baking is for)
8. Scoop out the inside of the tofu turkey and stuff it, then cover the bottom again.
9. I flipped it onto a greased pan.
10. Basted it with sesame oil, tamari, orange juice and fresh herbs.
11. cooked that b*tch, continued to basted that b*tch, then cooked it some more.


I also made a sweet potato pie (with fresh baked sweet potatoes) with a pecan, gramcracker crust.

and a gingerbread apple pie with cranberries & cherries


the inside

So all in all a great "holiday" weekend.

and on a side note, check out these wild veggies I found after some winter cleaning.
.Amazing. & .FRESH.

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