Friday, December 19, 2008

Calzones, the perfect winter comfort food

It is beyond cold in the D, here is a music video to further express my feelings. You know, musically that is;

Last night we had a "thundersnow" scare, which is a combination of thunder and snow (oh so clever name) that left a whole lot of white stuff everywhere. Needless to say I couldn't leave the house, but not because I didn't want to. The all-mighty Saturn says when I can leave, and she was stuck in her spot today.

I've been in this peculiar calzone kick, even though i don't particularity eat a great deal of bread. 

I love to make my own bread, but sometimes I don't want to bother. The best thing about most pizza places is you can buy their homemade dough balls- The perfect tip for the lazy-broke-urbanite.

I made this creation tonight

Calzone veggie sandwich. I stuffed it with Dr. Preagers veggie burgers & onions

then I made some mini Frenchfries and a side of BBQ sauce for dipping.

The other day I made one filled with herb tofu.

and this one is stuffed with sausage and vegan cheese (tofu&nutritional yeast)

peace & calzone grease!


dizzle rivera said...

Classic. So cold in the D. How the f*ck are we supposed to keep the peace . . . or the beat.

I love that your dog is staring down the tofu calzone.

Anonymous said...

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