Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm really bad at this game

I can't for the life of me post things after I make them.

In fact, I can't even post things a couple days after I make them.

Here is something I whipped up a couple Fridays ago

Scripps park Seitan with mushrooms and onions with a mushroom glaze over cheezy rice. Served with sweet potato mash with walnuts and brownsugar- and broccoli with a light soy sauce and sesame seeds.

mmmmmmmmmm bitch!

and here is something I made the other day.

Mediterranean lentil soup with a side of spicy fingerling potato mash with curry.

The fingerling mash with curry turned out awesome.

It has

Gram Masala <---- at Indian stores, spicy and delicious!
soy milk
and a little bit of earth balance "butter"

Christmas does come twice a year.

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