Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

So i'm not so good at the "posting the day you do make it" game. I lose. Hands down.

Easter, or as I like to lovingly call it, "Zombie Jesus Day" is just good for one thing in my book; laughing with your family. I really do love hanging out with all those crazy bastards, cuz hey- you only get one! I made some bomb cupcakes for the festivities*

*subject to change for political correctness issues.

Flowers for my mom & Nonna. Thats right, I said Nonna!

Blackforest cupcizzakes.


These bad mamer-jammers are made with a simple vegan chocolate cupcake recipe, then I added shredded coconut, and chopped dark chocolate to the batter. They also have a cherry cooked in the middle of them.

I topped them with vegan chocolate butter cream frosting and more chocolate and coconut.

And luckily no one threw them back at me, laughed in my face about how horrible they were or projectile spit chewed remnants in my general direction. To be totally honest they were all amazed at how great they were, so I can't complain. Perhaps all vegan food doesn't have to look like shit you feed only a rabbit...perhaps it can look good and taste good too. perhaps.

All in all, Great Success!

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