Saturday, February 21, 2009

The snow is NOT your friend

Arg! It's Saturday and I haven't left the house! My usual Saturday is filled with a trip to take trash mountain to the recycling center, and an outing to the Eastern Market to buy fresh produce. Neither of the two were accomplished today, and now I'm stir crazy again! The snow has completely covered my car, and earlier it was too crazy out to drive (the windshield wipers on our car broke) so I have kept myself busy at home.

Today we started off with a great fruit smoothie

I call it, "Tropical pineapple, pomegranate, raspberry"

I took a cup of frozen pineapple
1/2 cup fresh pomegranate
1/4 cup raspberries
a banana
some apple juice

this was sooooooo good!

Lunch was crafty too-

tempeh bread sticks

First I took some tempeh, and boiled it. I then coated it in a generous amount of olive oil & some Italian seasoning

I took some herb pizza dough, rolled it out.

put them on a lightly sprayed pizza stone

I cooked it for 10 min. at 425 like shown above, and then I took them out and moved them like so

and finished cooking them like this to make sure they cooked all the way around for another 10 min.

A couple side notes;

I got this cool widget on the side of my blog now, and it tells me what country the people are from who are reading my blog- I am totally blown away by it! I'm getting readers from ALL over the world, it's so exciting. Today I saw that I had a reader from Gaza, and I was in total awe. I never mentioned it in my blog, but I was deeply moved by what happened over there- to who ever read my blog from there, Thank you. My heart goes out to you and yours, I send you strength and love from Detroit- You have been in my thoughts immensely. I found this not that long ago and saved it to my computer. I know it was made by a local Detroit artist


Ruby Red said...

no, no, no, snow can never be counted as a friend in my book! it's just pesky! sorry to hear that it has engulfed your car.

i LOVE the idea of tempeh breadsticks. they look soooo yummy!!!!

Anonymous said...

those tempeh breadsticks looks awesome! I've never attempted to make tempeh at home.

Marlow said...

That smoothie is making my mouth water.

tavolini said...

Hey--those breadsticks look intriguing! I bet the texture was right on.

February in Michigan is not a fun month. Not at all :/

Jescel said...

oh.. i'm sorry to hear about your weekend. snow sucks sometimes, eh? but i'm glad you had your tropical smoothie.. looks really good. And by the way, thanks for dropping by my site.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I love that smoothie, a real energy charger! The breadsticks were a good idea too :)

Anonymous said...

Tempeh breadsticks... awesome idea! I am soooo making those! I know hubby will get a kick out of something like that! :D

V.Streit said...

I hate snow as well. Michigan sucks like that.

Does tempeh have the same texture and flavor as tofu? I love tofu, but I have never had tempeh. That I know of anyways.

Your blog name drew me to your site.Awesome.

Oh and my word verification is "shangs". Even more awesome.

Sea said...

For a gluten-free variation, try making a gluten-free pizza dough and doing the same thing. I like Carol Fenster's brown rice based dough, and you can use herbs to season it just the same.


(I would suggest Chebe mix, which you can buy dairy free, but it doesn't work well without eggs so a naturally vegan recipe is better, I think)


GingerBread said...

what kind of herbs did you use? This really looks good, I need a couple of recipes that use tempeh in them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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