Thursday, January 22, 2009

Detroit; love to hate it, hate to love it.

I went out to eat with my family tonight, but I figured I'd at least tell you about this awesome soup I made not so long ago

First I chopped up an onion, and caramelized it in a pan with some olive oil. Then I filled the pot with water, a little less than 3/4s full. Brought it to a boil, then added vegan chicken stock (better than bouillon is awesome!) I added a generous amount of red split lentils. then threw in some cumin, gram masala, raw curry powder, mustard powder, cumin seeds and salt. I let it cook for about less than 2 hours. Then I added shredded unsweetened coconut, a can of coconut milk, poppy seeds and a can of tomato paste. I then continued to cook it for another hour. At the very end I add a very small amout of agave necter to enhance the flavor.

Bon voyage, and safe dreams to you and yours tonight. Hopefully tomorrow old faithful will be right where I left the snow on the street.


Jen said...

that soup looks interesting, but sounds good. is d-town getting sketchy again? i thought it had become safe for a while after urban sprawl, or am i just delusional?

Mish said...

I love Detroit! Most people aren't fortunate enough to get notes. That def says something beautiful about your hood and the peeps in it.

Damn that soup looks real good! I think I'll make it sometime this week. The Sprout House rulez! I rely on them for my healthcare;)

Rico said...

I really like the name Vegan slaughterhouse, let's kill some veg.
Well I am a meat eater, but latley more and more I find myself eating vegetarian even vegan I find these very interesting and way more thought planing the fact I even have some foods in my blog that are vegan or vegetarian.
This soup looks amazing and I would not mind having one or two bowls full..Thx 4 sharing also for becoming my Foodbuzz friend..Cheers!!

Tami said...

This soup sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

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